Training and resources

We help you better understand how the world’s most advanced building design platform works.

1. Introduction, Dashboard and CAD

In this video we show you the general concepts of the platform, how to work using our dashboard, how to manage your projects and to import geometries from a CAD file.

2. Site Planner and Design Criteria

In this video we explain the tools to collocate your buildings on the plot and the available criteria to design the promotion with our data-driven interface.

3. Breadcrumb, Data and Buildings

In this video we show you how to navigate through the different elements of a promotion, buildings, car parks, floor typology, apartments… You will also learn how to use the data panel of our interface to configure each building in the promotion.

4. Housing Units and Manual Edition

In this video we show you how to configure each home using the three available editing modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

5. Parking, Budget and Downloads

In this video we teach you how to design parking lots, how to use the budget tool (only for Pro and Enterprise users) and how to download XLS, CAD and BIM files.


I see a message that requires me to use a screen resolution of at least 1920x1080 px. How do I solve it?

This resolution is commonly supported by almost all modern displays and is a minimal requirement. If your screen can support this resolution and the problem persists, we probably have Windows configured with a certain degree of magnification by default. We can check it in the Windows configuration options in the screen section. In case it was more than 100%, we recommend setting it to 100% and trying again.

Do you support topography at the implantation level and associated calculations?

Currently, the application only supports a single installation height for basement and ground floors in the entire development, but each ground floor may have a different free height and consequently the height of the floors above may also be different in each building in the building. promotion. We plan to include this functionality soon.

Is it possible to define the dimensioning of the facade openings?

Yes, we can define it globally for the entire promotion according to the use of the room in which it is, or manually for specific instances.

In the future we plan to allow manual editing by residential typology, which includes dimensioning of openings, in addition to restricting the dimensioning of openings to the lighting and ventilation restrictions.

Does ARCHITEChTURES guarantee compliance with regulations?

ARCHITEChTURES allows the user to generate designs that comply with all the parameters defined by the designer, including regulations, but the guarantee must always be offered by the designer himself. In Auto mode, most of the parameters that guarantee compliance with different regulatory aspects are found in the section of minimum dimensions within the design criteria, although some are grouped into more specific sections, such as the sectorization of stairs found in the configuration of cores within each building.

Those regulatory aspects that are not resolved in Auto mode can usually be edited in Manual mode. For those non-editable elements within the application, they can always be edited in BIM or CAD using our downloadable 100% compatible with the most used formats in the sector: .RVT, .IFC and .DWG.

Do you support split plants at various heights? Or should the whole plant be at the same level?


Within the same building the entire floor will always be at the same elevation, but it could be modeled by making the partitions correspond to different joined buildings, with the different manual editing modes the necessary arrangements can be made. As a last resort, for those elements that cannot be edited within the application, they can always be edited in BIM or CAD using our downloadable 100% compatible with the most used formats in the sector: .RVT, .IFC and .DWG.

Is the structure calculated? Is the structure coordinated on residential floors and basement?

The application positions the structure at the level of general fit, and both the structure and the cores are completely coordinated in residential floors and basement in each modification we make in our project. The structure is not calculated or pre-dimensioned, generic 30x30cm pillars are represented assuming a generic case of a reinforced concrete structure.

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