AI-Powered Building Design

Generate optimal building designs in real time

ARCHITEChTURES is a powerful artificial-intelligence-aided design web tool for the residential sector that boosts the efficiency of the design process by optimizing the result and reducing the designing time from months to minutes.

From Idea to Design in Real-time

ARCHITEChTURES enables a new disruptive residential design process in a perfect combination between human and machine. Using our Machine Learning based technology, currently international patent pending, we train automated design algorithms with Big Data so that according to the geometry and parameters introduced by the user, the solution that best suits his requirements is obtained in real time and for each iteration. That enables the designer to have a total control over the quantitative aspects of the design in order to focus on decision making and improve his added value.



1.-Introduction of Design Criteria and Modelling

The user inputs the design criteria that the project must meet and defines and models the solution online in an easy and intuitive way in 2D and 3D.


2.-AI Optimized Design Development

Our cloud-based IA system generates in real time the geometry that best fits the parameters entered for each user iteration.



3.-Generation of the BIM solution and Project Data

The platform shows in real time the resulting BIM solution and all its metrics to be later downloaded in XLS, CAD, and BIM format.

The user evaluates the geometric and analytical results obtained and repeats this process adapting the design until his complete satisfaction.

How It Works

Design better buildings faster with AI

In the initial stages of a residential project is where the most relevant decisions about its feasibility and added value are made. At that time, multiple factors come into play, from quantitative aspects like regulatory compliance, program or cost to other qualitative aspects that impact the architectural design quality. ARCHITEChTURES encompasses this entire process, helping the designer to meet in an optimal way and in real time the quantitative requirements to focus on providing the highest architectural value to the project.

Detailed introduction of design criteria

The system allows the introduction of design criteria such as minimum and maximum net areas
for each room and typology, minimum dimensions of the rooms, heights and vertical communications
specifications to ensure the project compliance.

Manual project modeling integrated with AI

The user models in 2D and 3D the volume of the above-ground and below-ground buildings and parkings on which the automated design process is performed. The resulting designs can be easily adapted manually to suit user’s requirements.

Design optimized to meet users needs

The best solution is the one that best suits the user’s needs. The AI-aided process allows to iterate the design parameters offering in real time the architectural solution that best suits the user’s standards.

Real-time BIM model navigable online

The system generates in real time a BIM model with the geometry resulting from the AI-aided design process, all with a data structure that is completely navigable online to facilitate user review and design edition.

Instant floor areas and project data

 The design is completely monitored, showing in real time the units program, gross floor areas by use and type, breakdown of gross and net floor areas of each type as well as the urban parameters compliance of each solution.

Quantities takeoffs always updated

The system performs a detailed takeoff of every work unit in real time to let the user input the unit cost for every line. This enables our users to continuosly know the economic impact of each design decision he makes.

Coming Soon…


Real-time energy analysis

 The system develops a simulation of the energy behavior of the building in real time, enabling detailed knowledge of energy consumption throughout the year in order to optimize the design and definition of the envelope to improve its sustainability.

Design Downloads

Once the project is defined, the designs are available for download in XLS, CAD and BIM format


– XLS –

Spreadsheet in Excel .xls format with all the project data such as the units program, tables of gross, calculated and net floor areas per room of each type and detailed budget by chapters with general summary.


– CAD –

Set of files in Autocad .dwg format, with the complete architectural definition of the project at a spatial level, including general plans, all the floor-plans of the buildings and parking lots as well as the elevations of each building.


– BIM –

Model of the BIM building in Revit .rvt format, with the complete architectural definition of the project at a spatial level, including the construction families of each element with their built thicknesses and the specification of views and areas.

Our Clients

The leaders of the residential development sector already trust ARCHITEChTURES to digitalize the design process of their new developments.

“ARCHITEChTURES enables us to expand, improve and speed up our decision making process towards an optimal residential product design”

Lucas Galán, Head of Product and Innovation at Neinor Homes.

Key Benefits

ARCHITEChTURES not only assists in the production of higher quality building design, it is also a powerful productivity tool as it dramatically reduces early stage residential design times from months to hours.

Better Decisions

Our platform enables a detailed insight on the entire data and cost of the project in real time, allowing total control of the project to enhance the designer decision making process.

Optimal Designs

Our Machine Learning technology guarantees a scientifically optimized design with respect to quantitative parameters to allow the designer to focus on the architectural quality of the design.

Higher Efficiency

Real-time AI-aided design saves many hours of development time and results in a better product, making it possible to speed up developments to reduce costs and improve profitability.

There are many advantages



99% reduction in project design and development time



AI leads to greater adaptation to user requirements



The resulting designs have the highest precision and are 100% error-free



Fully integrated with the new BIM standard and its processes



User-friendly and easy to use 24/7 on the cloud, no installation needed



Total adaptation to regulatory and user design criteria in each project

In the media

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ASPRIMA-SIMA Award for the best innovation in the real estate sector in 2019


PropTech Awards 2019 Best Innovation Award


DRASTIC 2021 Summit Contech Pitch Contest Winnners


This Project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 854888