Parametric Design, Generative Design and AI-Aided Design.

  We introduce you to the new trends in the world of design automation applied to the architecture industry. In a previous blog post we explained how Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The evolution of architectural design: from CAD to BIM to AI

When a significant part of the construction industry is still adapting to the BIM era, the next (re)evolution is already here in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-aided design. Where

AI Aided Design and Manual Design

Here is how to work with AI through a new design process based on the combination of human and machine.   We all know what is manual design in which

What is Artificial Intelligence Aided Design?

AI-Powered Design: A paradigm shift in the architectural design process that will shape the future of the industry.   While CAD, Computer-Aided Design, has been the standard in architectural design


ARCHITEChTURES is a cloud platform for artificial intelligence-aided architectural design.   But what does this really mean? Let’s analyze this phrase in parts: Platform: implies that it is a dynamic