Implementation of the Imperial System in ARCHITEChTURES

Posted 5/27/2024 in Technology

imperial system in ARCHITEChTURES

Learn about the Implementation of the Imperial System in ARCHITEChTURES

You can now work with feet and inches units on our platform. But how is this managed?

From the creation of a new design, you can select the unit system you prefer, either metric or imperial.

This will be reflected in the Dashboard Panel, and you can modify it at any time, regardless of the project's progress.

Once in the project editor, dimensions must be entered using the structure of feet and inches, using the corresponding quotation marks, without the need to include spaces.

Finally, you can also switch from the metric system to the imperial system and vice versa from the Input Panel of the Root Level or Plot of your project.

Therefore, from now on, you will be able to generate and modify building geometries, control target areas and minimum interior dimensions of different spaces and shapes, as well as checking and controling Quantity take-offs using feet and inches.