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Residential Development Design – AI Powered Site Planner

Posted 9/19/2023 in Education

Residential Development Design – AI Powered Site Planner

Residential Development Design can be a hassle, usually involving a lot of back and forth. That is why it it is of paramount importance to streamline this process to speed it up. With Architechtures AI Powered Site Planner, creating buildings, fiting them into the plot and nailing the housing mix has never been easier. Read on to step up your game.

Our Building Design Platform´s UI-Browsing Architechtures

Posted 9/19/2023 in Education

User Interface: Browsing ARCHITEChTUERS building design platform

Browsing a Building Design Platform can be challenging. Here you will learn how we have organized our UI and how to use to move around the project efficiently.

Architecture Building Design Powered by GenAI

Posted 8/30/2023 in Education

Architecture Design Powered by AI

Architecture Design is a beautiful art, but it requires some hard and tedious hours of long calculations and iterations. At ARCHITEChTURES we have developed a GenAI Assisted Building Design Platform to help you. Our GenAI will assist you with design suggestions and breeze through all the boring stuff you don't like doing, allowing you to focus on what you excel at and enjoy the most: Designing Architecture.

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