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1. Introduction, Dashboard and uploading CAD

In this video we will teach you the platform’s general concepts, our Dashboard, how to manage your projects, and how to upload geometry through a CAD file.

2. Site Planner, Edition, and Design Criteria

In this video we will teach you the tools to move your buildings around and the project’s design criteria for our data based user interface.

3. Breadcrumb, Data Panel and Buildings

In this video we will teach how to move around the project, what information you can find in the data panel and how to customize your buildings.

4. Apartments and Manual Editing

In this video we will teach you how to customize each apartment using the three editing modes: Full Auto, Semi Auto, and Manual Editing.

5. Basement, Estimate and Downloads

In this video we will teach you how to design Basements, how to use the estimate tool and how to generate downloadable files such as XLS, CAD and BIM.

Check our manuals for more tips

architecture design-thumb

1 – Introduction – Architecture Design Powered by AI

Architecture Design is beautiful but hard. At Architechtures we have developed an AI Powered Architecture Design Program to help you out. Our AI will assist you with design sugestions, and
building design-thumb

2- Our Building Design Platform´s UI-Browsing Architechtures

Browsing a Building Design Platform can be challenging. Here you will learn how we´ve organized our UI and how to use to move around the project efficiently. How do we
development design-thumb

3- Residential Development Design – AI Powered Site Planner

Residential Development Design can be a hassle, usually involving a lot of back and forth. That is why it it is of paramount importance to streamline this process to speed
Diseño Edificios - Thumb

4- Building Design and BIM at the Building-Floor Level

Building Design can be tricky, it sometimes seems a slow exercise of trial and error. Not being able to calculate the metrics for your project until you are done designing
Floorplanner - Thumb

5- Floorplanner – AI Assisted and Manual Editing Modes

No two projects are the same in Architecture. Therefore, on the one hand, a floorplanner must ultimately allow for full free form customization. However, on the other hand, with Architechtures
Floor Planner Diseño Viviendas - Thumb

6 – Dwelling Floorplanner – AI Powered Architecture Design

A regular floorplanner can streamline the design process a bit. But an AI Powered one will make shortwork of your housing design needs in no time. At Architectures we have
ai design - thumb

7- Basement – Automated AI Design for Parking Garages

Basement Parkings are tough. Combining correctly the building position, structure and cores to maximize parking places is not easy. Luckily, AI Design tools excel at optimizing multiple variables to maximize
estimate - thumb

8- Cost – Automated Estimate and BOQ in Building Design

Architechtures features automated BOQ and Estimates by default. No need for plugins, complex schedule filters, formulas or code involved. Fill in your unit costs once and be done with it,
bim and cad - thumb

9- Downloads – Automated BIM and CAD (without Revit/AutoCad)

Generating BIM and CAD usually is a huge part of the building design process and can take many hours of work. At Architechtures you can get your project in BIM



I see a message that requires me to use a screen resolution of at least 1920x1080 px. How do I solve it?

This resolution is commonly supported by almost all modern displays and is a minimal requirement. If your screen can support this resolution and the problem persists, we probably have Windows configured with a certain degree of magnification by default. We can check it in the Windows configuration options in the screen section. In case it was more than 100%, we recommend setting it to 100% and trying again.

Soon we will support all kinds of devices, even navigating the projects in View mode from your mobile phone.

Do you support topography at the implantation level and associated calculations?

Currently, the application only supports a single implantation height for the basement and ground floors in the entire development, but each ground floor can have a different free height and consequently, the heights of the floors above can also be different in each building of the promotion.

We plan to include this functionality really soon.

Is it possible to define the dimensioning of the facade openings?

Yes, we can define it globally for the entire promotion according to the use of the room in which it is located, or manually for specific instances.

It is allowed some degree of manual editing by residential typology, which includes opening sizing, as well as restricting opening sizing to lighting and ventilation restrictions. In any case, we are working to improve this feature.

Does ARCHITEChTURES guarantee compliance with regulations?

ARCHITEChTURES allows the user to generate designs that comply with all the parameters defined by the designer, including regulations, but it is the responsibility of the designer himself to fine tune and adjust the platform, ARCHITEChTURES is a productivity design tool, but it is not making decisions. In Auto mode, most of the parameters that guarantee compliance with different regulatory aspects are found in the section on minimum dimensions within the design criteria, although some are grouped into more specific sections, such as the sectioning of stairs found in in core configuration within each building.

Those normative aspects that are not resolved in Auto mode can normally be edited in Manual mode. For those elements that cannot be edited within the application, they can always be edited in BIM or CAD through our 100% compatible Downloadables with the most used formats in the sector: .XLSX, .IFC and .DXF.

Do you support split plants at various heights? Or should the whole plant be at the same level?


Within the same building the entire floor will always be at the same elevation, but it could be modeled by making the partitions correspond to different joined buildings, with the different manual editing modes the necessary arrangements can be made. As a last resort, for those elements that cannot be edited within the application, they can always be edited in BIM or CAD using our downloadable 100% compatible with the most used formats in the sector: .XLSX, .IFC and .DXF.

Is the structure calculated? Is the structure coordinated on residential floors and basement?

The application positions the structure at the level of general fit, and both the structure and the cores are completely coordinated in residential floors and basement in each modification we make in our project. The structure is not calculated or pre-dimensioned, generic 30x30cm pillars are represented assuming a generic case of a reinforced concrete structure.

Do you have any more questions?

  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 40 MB.